Becoming a Volunteer Baker for Free Cakes for Kids Bromley:
Free Cakes for Kids Bromley are looking for volunteer bakers who are willing to make a birthday cake for a child in the Bromley area.
The idea behind Free Cakes for Kids is simple; we match enthusiastic bakers with families who find it difficult to provide a birthday cake for their child.
What do I have to do?
Once you have applied to become a volunteer baker, we can add you to our network of bakers. When a referral comes in we email our team of volunteer bakers with details of the referral asking someone to volunteer to bake a cake for the child in question.
Do I have to commit to making a certain number of cakes?
No. You might make one cake a year, you might make one a month; it really is up to you. Becoming a volunteer baker is flexible; you can fit it round your commitments and bake when you have the time.
Do I have to be an expert baker?
No. The aim of Free Cakes for Kids is to help families who find it difficult to provide a homemade birthday cake for a child. For many of these children receiving a homemade birthday cake, perhaps with their name on it or in the shape of something they really like, will make a real difference whatever the cake looks like and there are no expectations that cakes look professional or ‘shop bought’.
Who covers the costs of the ingredients?
Volunteer bakers are expected to cover the costs of their ingredients. This may change  in the future; Free Cakes for Kids Bromley has just started out and we are looking  into  applying  for small grants to pay for ingredients, however at this stage volunteer bakers will need to cover their own costs.
How will the cake be delivered?
This will vary with each different referral. In most cases volunteer bakers should expect to deliver the cake to a location in and around the Bromley area.

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